Sports Betting Terms

Sports Betting Terms

Sports Betting Terms To Learn Before Playing

Sports betting is now expanding its market due to its accessibility and convenience—no wonder the industry is receiving a lot of support from loyal and new players. With improved mediums to access it, interested players, even beginners, are now exploring the excitement of sports betting.

The impact of technology and cryptocurrency has made it to the gambling industry. Online gambling platforms have been continuously expanding. Many countries are legalizing sports betting and now have huge amounts on different sports events.

A great place to start in sports betting is BC.Game. The gambling platform offers a new and exciting sports book. But before you get into betting, here are the terms you need to know as a beginner. 

Futures Bet

As the name implies, these are bets done for a future event. It can be a major league or championship event scheduled months away. A futures bet gives a casual bettor a chance to win big.

Money Line

A money line is a type of bet that include odds to win. In simple terms, it is a bet that may have two possible outcomes. It is the most straightforward bet on sports betting. Gamblers will choose between two teams on which they plan to place their bets. Aside from betting on either of the two teams, gamblers may also bet on a Draw outcome.


Parlays are another type of bet where two or more bets are in place. However, all wagers must win to get a larger payout. If it loses, the entire bet loses. It is similar to a penny slot in a casino. The smartest strategy to win a parlay bet is to wager on the favorite teams. But this does not guarantee the winnings. Chances of losing can still be expected.

Point Spread

It shows two numerical guesses. The first one is from the oddsmaker, and the other one is from the betting market. Point spread bets are usually made by most bettors. 

Prop Bets

Also known as proposition bets, these are wagers based on a team’s statistics. Some examples of prop bets would be who can score first, how many rebounds a player can make, or how many pass attempts a team can make.

Straight Bet

Straight bets can be made as a wager on a single outcome. All straight bets have the same payout with how much you put on your bet. These are usually done by beginners since this is straightforward to understand. 


A teaser is almost similar to a parlay. A teaser bet is most commonly used in football matches. Six-point football teaser bet allows the bettor to adjust a point spread for more chances of winning. In exchange for this, the sports book will deduct a certain amount if your bet wins.


These bets are placed depending on the point system of a match. Gamblers are allowed to choose between “over” and “under.” If you choose “over,” more points than the assigned number should be achieved by the team. If you choose “under,” it should have fewer total points.

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