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Are you here because you want to contribute to my site with a new casino guest post?

Excellent! I like that other bloggers write for us casino guest posts.

The casino guest pots are fresh content for my sites and a wonderful way to promote your name or brand in the gambling industry.

It allows you to promote your blog or site to a new audience, it helps to boost your Google rank, it boosts your authority in the field of your site, and much more.

Not only can you post a casino guest post on my site, but we have also compiled for you a list of sites that will publish your casino guest posts that include backlinks to your site.

List of gambling sites that will exchange casino guest posts with your site

For this first list, send your article to [email protected]  – Publish a gambling guest post – How To submit contributed stories To – Become a Guest Post Contributor on – Publish a casino guest post on Casino♠️Poker site – Publish a gaming-related guest post on blog Write for us – Gambling Blogs that Accept Guest Posts – Accepts casino guest posts exchanges – Publish a Bitcoin casino guest post and other gambling-related – Become a Guest Post Contributor on – Publish a guest post casino-related – Gambling Blogs that Accept Casino Guest Posts – Publish a gambling-related guest post – Publish a casino guest post on Best Free Slots – Publish a slot machine and gambling guest post

More gambling sites that accept paid casino guest posts

The sites below charge $150 for publishing your guest post – Write for us – Write for us – Casino, Gambling, Sports betting – Guest Post – Write for us a Casino Guest Post – Write for us Gambling, Sports betting Guest Post – Write for us Casino Guest Post – Gambling Guest Post – Write for us  Gambling and Sports betting Guest Post or Review – Write for us | Casino, Gambling, Slot Machines | Guest Post – Write for us Casino Guest Post – Write for us poker & Casino Guest Post

The guidelines for publishing on those paid casino guest posts site:

1. Be original. Stories should not have been previously published elsewhere. An exception may be allowed if it was published on your own blog to a small audience.

2. Make it personal. Please base your post on your own personal experiences. If your post contains only advice I will likely decline it.

3. Length doesn’t matter. I’m not a word counter, so it doesn’t matter to me whether it takes 500 or 5,000 words to tell your story. but please try to keep 500+

4. Include a bio. Please include a short bio with up to 2 links that will appear at the bottom of the post.

5. Connect your email address to Gravatar. This ensures a headshot will show in the

List Of Gambling Blogs that would publish your guest post

Gamer Limit: | Submit Guest Post

Bet roll:| Submit Guest Post

Roulette physics: | Submit Guest Post

Gambling king: | Submit Guest Post

Beat the Fish: | Submit Guest Post – How to Publish a Guest Post – Publish Guest Post – Publish Your Guest Post – Submit Your Guest Post

Why and how to write a guest article?

Did you know? 60% of bloggers write articles for other blogs! In other words, they enrich the content of other blogs at the expense of their own site. There is no doubt that this practice is counterintuitive, but if so many bloggers indulge in it, don’t you think it is a practice worth exploring? Yes of course!

In fact, this is an approach known in the online gambling world as “ Casino guest  Posting ”, the principle of which is to publish guest articles on other influential blogs in order to gain traffic from them, among other things.

Although it is most of the time completely free, posting casino guest posts is a very effective method that you can use even if you’ve just launched your blog and have no visibility with your website yet.

In this article, I will have the opportunity to show you that guest blogging requires a certain mastery in order to obtain satisfactory results in terms of traffic and authority for your blog. In the following; I will have the opportunity to introduce you, what is casino guest posting and why to do it? What do you need to post guest articles? How to set up a guest blogging strategy? These are some of the questions I address in this guide.

Definition: casino guest post

Casino guest posting consists of writing and posting articles on a blog other than your own. Thus, you are considered as a contributor or a guest blogger on the blog in question, hence the name of “ guest post ”.

This is a technique that may seem counterproductive insofar as it leads you to enrich websites that may be your competitors with your own content. But when you take a closer look, guest blogging is a win-win concept when you put it right.

Indeed, for the blog that publishes, guest blogging is a completely free source of quality content, which will generate traffic and allow it to have traffic and improve its SEO.

As a guest blogger, this tactic allows you to gain more visibility and show your expertise to an audience you are targeting. In addition, you will benefit from traffic to your website thanks to the links that you will place in your guest article and which point to your website.  

Why submit a casino guest post? What are the advantages?

Guest blogging is a very effective tactic that allows you to enjoy a number of benefits.

A free method accessible to all

One of the reasons guest blogging is popular is that it is accessible to everyone and most of the time free. You can write guest articles that will be published on the most important blogs of your topic.

Besides, you don’t necessarily need a blog before submitting guest articles. You only need:

☑️ Ability to write excellent quality content;

☑️ Master the process for submitting your article.

☑️ Basically, you don’t need anything else to start your guest posts.

A great way to make yourself known

It is not easy to have a significant amount of traffic when you are just starting your blog, especially in the gambling industry. For this, you have to use several levers. Publishing guest articles is one of them, as it is a great way to promote your project.

Indeed, you will have the opportunity to show your expertise on a blog having more authority and popularity than yours. Which is undoubtedly a great opportunity to start making yourself known.

To effectively develop your authority and credibility

For your blog to develop, the audience you are targeting must know you and consider you as a reference on your topic. This is exactly what guest articles will allow you to do since they will allow you to showcase your expertise directly on blogs that are already popular in the online casinos’ industry.

In addition, some bloggers, especially those who have very influential sites, can by causal link, credibility your image, by accepting your content. This reinforces your authority with the audience you covet.

Get links to your blog

In terms of SEO, backlinks are very important elements in SERP rankings and guest article writing can lend itself perfectly to this goal. Indeed, you can insert links to your blog in the guest articles that you publish. This will allow readers to go directly to your website if they wish.

Gain quality traffic

When your article is interesting enough, some readers are likely to visit your gambling blog to get to know you and have other information on the topic you are working on. This traffic, which is called “referral”, is often considered to be of high quality, unlike visitors from advertisements, for example.

Whereas the traffic from advertisements usually has a lot of visitors who are not sure what to expect when they land on your website. So they tend to quickly leave your website after just a few clicks.

While casino guest post traffic is made up of visitors who already know you from your content and sometimes your author profile on the host’s blog. So they know roughly what you are offering before coming to your blog and they are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter or register to the best online casino sites you review.

Create new relationships with bloggers

One of the significant advantages of casino guest posting is that it allows you to establish new relationships with other bloggers and influencers on your topic. This is a very collaborative blogging strategy, and you will most likely stay in touch with other bloggers following the publication of your article.

To create a healthy relationship, there are no secrets:

☑️ Respond kindly and quickly to emails;
☑️ Send your drafts on time;
☑️ Create great quality content.

By taking these different actions, you will have a better chance of maintaining a healthy relationship. Additionally, these relationships can turn into other guest posting opportunities in the future as well and when you tap into your connections properly, they can lead to other projects such as:

☑️ Co-marketing;
☑️ Ebooks;
☑️ Online courses;
Etc …
Not to mention, you can also use these connections to get introductions to more posting opportunities.

How to submit a guest article? Steps not to be missed!

Going head-to-head in guest blogging is not an effective method, it is best to take it step by step to ensure the success of each guest post you submit. So, to have satisfactory results, I invite you to follow this process.

Define your goals

The first thing to do before writing guest articles is to determine the goals you want to achieve. Indeed, casino guest blogging allows you to improve:

Short term traffic: Increase in the number of visitors to your website;
Natural referencing: Gain space in the SERP ranking thanks to backlinks;
The level of expertise in your theme: Make your blog and your expertise known.
Before thinking about the question of “how to find a blog to write your casino guest articles?”, First think about defining the goal you want to achieve among the three mentioned above.

For example, when you want to increase traffic to your website, you can choose only those websites that have high traffic.

If you want to highlight your expertise in the topic, you can target blogs with a, particularly engaged audience: The level of community engagement, exchanges through comments, sharing … are good ways to create your own very involved audience.

Finally, if you decide to take action on your SEO, doing guest posts for blogs with strong authority is a profitable strategy.

These are obviously just a few scenarios and your goals can be a simple combination of the three mentioned above. But to achieve these three goals at once, you need to choose the most relevant blogs and the next step can help you do that.

Find blogs for your casino guest posts

There are several techniques that can help you find the websites on which you will publish your guest articles. First of all, be aware that very large sites such as Hubspot are guest blogging and that it is wise to do your research correctly to have blogs with the most authority possible. For that, I present to you the six methods which seem to me to be the most interesting.

Method 1: Search on Google

List of Casino Guest Posts sites Google

This is one of the easiest methods to use and it involves searching directly for sites that clearly indicate that they are accepting casino guest posts. To do this, do a search on Google and add keywords such as:

  • Casino guest post
  • Submit a gambling guest post
  • Write for us gambling
  • Gambling guest post

Method 2: Use a referral website

In the gambling industry, there are probably some blogs that you consider to be references. Make a list of these blogs and see if they accept casino guest posts or not.

When some blogs do not explicitly show that they are receiving guest posts, that does not necessarily mean that they are refusing guest blogging. You can do this by trying to make an offer directly to them that they might well accept.

I tried to write to the sites that accept casino guest posts and those are the answers I got:

Casino Guest Post on Mama casinos

Thank you for reaching out…

We are charging $150 per post/ link insertion with a permanent do-follow link…

Please let me know if you are interested…

Waiting for your reply

mama casinos: mamacasinos[at]

Casino Guest Post on Mom Casinos

50$ per post

mom casinos: momcasinosupdates[at]

Casino Guest Post on Flytonic

Hi, Yes it is 500$/link, it will be do-follow[at]

Casino Guest Post on Lottodog

Hi, thank you for your interest in my site. 

We are currently open to accepting guest posts at a publishing fee of £50. I hope this is okay for you. 

All posts must be original pieces that are relevant to my readership. They can contain up to 2 do-follow links. If you need any assistance with finding writers or selecting a topic, let me know and I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks again

Carlos Evans


Casino Guest Post on CasinoWithBonus


Thanks for showing interest in submitting your article on, there is no FREE submission. All submissions must be paid for.

We’re on Google News – Follow us –

Below are our rules and terms;

Your article MUST be a minimum of 750 words for regular articles and 300 words for infographics. our prices and options are below.

Also, we need proper starting and ending of the article within context.


The cost is $50 and allows you to promote your website/product/service by linking to your website with hyperlink(s). Too Promotional articles will not be accepted. The article must be informational. Max 1 Dofollow client link allowed. Links can either be nofollow or dofollow. Link from existing post cost $40.

DR:55 Traffic:1K+/month

Traffic screenshot from webmaster tools:

Sample Post:

Link Type: Permanent – Dofollow – Contextual 

No Sponsorship Label – Posting Behalf of 

We will reject articles that feature unrealistic claims and unverified facts or use heavily optimized anchor texts only for the purpose of obtaining a backlink. The use of passive voice is required

-Thanks,  Team CasinoWithBonus

Anonymous Poker: anonymous.poker321[at]

Casino Guest Post on MyPokerCoaching

Thanks for your email and I am happy to let you know that we offer guest posting for $350.

Luckily, we have a team of professional writers specializing in poker and gambling niches, so we create top-notch content that is both interesting and ranks well. 

Moreover, we only publish articles related to poker that would be appealing and useful for our audience, so we prefer to write ourselves.

We will do all the work at no extra cost to you.

This includes:

  • Content creation (professional 1k+ words article)
  • Permanent placement
  • One do-follow link without any sponsored tag

This way, you don’t need to invest your time and money in writing and editing the article, and we can ensure it is relevant to our audience and be well received.

All we need from you is the destination URL and preferred natural anchor text (not branded one).

Let me know if this suits you, and I will be happy to help you. Have a great day!

Best regards,

MyPokerCoaching Team:  info[at]

Casino Guest Post on DailyNews

Hello, thanks for your interest in our news sites;

 *As a news publisher, We can publish your articles, insert your links into existing posts, write articles for you, and publish them inside our advertising services.*

 *Your articles will be permanent, listed on the homepage, won’t have a sponsored tags. Your links will be do-follow, max 2 links.*

 *Here is the list of websites we manage and their prices;*

 Please read all the conditions in this email very carefully, I have mentioned every detail you will ask in your next emails here in this email.

 *Our Sites in English;*

 My Sites:  –  DA 65 –  Google News  -* Price   $100*

 My Sites:  –  DA 63 –  Google News  –  Price   $100

 My Sites:  –  DA 61 –  Google News –   Price     $100

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 My Sites:  –   DA 60 –  Google News –  Price  $100

 My Sites:   –  DA 55  –  Google News –  Price       $100

 My Sites:  –  DA 50 –  Google News –  Price     $100

 My Sites: –  DA 58 –   Price       $75

 My Sites:  –  DA 52  –   Price     $75

 My Sites:   –  DA 58 –     Price     $75

 My Sites:   –   DA 33 –    Price  $10

 My Sites:  –   DA 49 –  Price   $ 10

 My Sites:   – DA  39 –     Price   $ 10

 My Sites:   – DA 40 –  Price  $ 10

 My Sites:  – DA  35 –  Price  $ 10

 My Sites:  – DA  25 –  Price  $ 10

 My Sites: – DA  20 –  Price  $ 10

 *Our Sites in Other Languages;*

 My Sites:  – Arabic – DA 59 – Google News –  Price   $75

 My Sites:  – German  – DA 51 – Google News –     Price   $75

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 My Sites:  –  Spanish – DA 31 – Google News –     Price   $75

 My Sites:  –  Spanish – DA 23 – Google News –  Price     $75

 Article  Writing Service is $15 for 500 words articles for English and $35 for other languages. (These websites are our own property – if others offer them to you, they must be resellers)

 These are the LAST Prices Please don’t ask again and again. We don’t make GIPSY BARGAINS,

 Article Publication and Link insertion is the same Price. Please don’t ask again and again

 *Casino, Gambling, Betting, CBD Niches are x 2 Priced     –   ( DOUBLE POST PRICE – if the normal price is 100, Casino Niche Price is 200 ) *

 *Your Articles must be;*

 *Unique, *

 *News-Worthy, *

 *Must have a  Unique Title, *


 *Minimum 500 words*

 *One Image without Copyrights*

 Google News site, meaning the articles that we publish are included on Google News, and often republished 100 times or more on different sites around the web.  Through Google News, we publish news, press releases, and blog posts, Op-Ed, and more.  Google News articles seem to hold a special weight in the Google ranking algorithm.

 If you want us to write an article for you, we are asking 15 USD for each 500 words article in English and 30 USD for articles in other languages. We can write the article with your topic, keyword, and URL and publish it for you and send your reports.

 We accept payments via PayPal, wire transfer. if you can order more than 20 every month we can make you some more discounts. Waiting for your orders…

Digital Media Publications: advertise[at]

Casino Guest Post on Unique News Online

Welcome to Unique News Online!

Our Webiste Highlights

  1. Google News Approved
  2. Instant Article Indexing
  3. 500K Montlhy Page views
  4. Domain Authority (DA) – 54

Top Outreach Agencies normally charge $400 – $500 Per Post. Our Pricing:- $200 per post and $180 per link insertion in existing articles.

Trusted by 1000+ Clients. Our Top Clients are TATA, Luminous, Axis Bank, MaxLife, 1XBET. Next Will be You?

Casino Guest Post on Gambling Alpha

We accept Sponsored Guest Articles written by other external individuals or company authors for our website, but for that, you need to make sure that your Guest Article is 100% Unique and 100% Original and it won’t be published anywhere else on the Web or the Internet. We will surely publish it after reviewing/checking its authenticity. 

Our price for Sponsored Guest Post/Article is $30 USD. Feel free to ask us any questions. 


Gambling Alpha Team: gamblingalpha11[at]

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