MainStreet Affiliate Program

Online Gambling Affiliate Program With Online Casinos that Accept US Players. Established in 1999, MainStreet is an experienced Gaming Operator with industry leading conversion rates.

MainStreetAffiliates was designed with the website owner in mind, bringing you resources that enable you to earn revenue from your website. We only partner with the best and most reputable merchants, offering superior services to those who wish to promote their companies through revenue-sharing models.

There is NO fee or upfront investment needed to participate in this Program. All you need to do is sign up, get your unique Affiliate ID, select a payment plan, and start sending players through to our Online Casinos.

MainStreetAffiliates offers one of the best commission programs available in the internet gaming industry today. Our webmasters enjoy a 40% net profit. Our casinos, as RTG casino clients, guarantee you one of the best conversion ratios on the web today.

Affiliates earn commissions on the revenue generated by players they refer. Just having banners on your website does not guarantee that your visitors will click on the banners, download the casino, sign up and deposit money. Webmasters need to promote their own websites to attract players.

Once you have become a Main Street Affiliate, you will receive an email with your login information to the MainStreetAffiliates website. From there, you can log in and grab a selection of banners and text links. When visitors to your site click on the referral link to any of the MainStreetAffiliates Casino’s, they will be tracked by our system. When these visitors open accounts and deposit money into their accounts to wager on online games. You will earn 40% of any resulting net gaming profits generated by the players you’ve referred.

We will provide you with all the tools and support you need to maximize the clickthrough percentages from your Web site. Each month, we will pay you commissions for any resulting net profits generated by the player you’ve referred.

The casino can lose money, but it is highly unlikely and might happen in the short run only. In any case, the casinos assume all liability. This is a risk-free affiliate program for you.

If the players you referred win, you will not be asked to pay us back. We will, however, deduct those winning amounts from your balance with us, but we will NOT ask you to pay us back. You can be sure, though, that the commission program is much more profitable than any other advertising program in the long run.

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