Azure Gambling Affiliate Program

Bring on your best and receive the same in return! We believe in successful, long term partnerships.

Quality Service

We thrive to offer our affiliates the best service available. We aim for perfection, efficiency and to deliver an overall outstanding product.

Marketing Tools

We rely on the best marketing tool: Omarsys. Track your performance. Reports to improve your traffic. Focus on real-time data, and count on the information present to be as accurate as it can be.

Award-Winning Games

We currently offer a combination of award-winning games providing a broad and extensive environment for the players.


Lucky 8 Casino

Experience and knowledge are the keys. After working with online gaming for over 10 years we have decided to use this experience to create a brand new, different, and better online casino. We have gained experience as customers, employees, and owners over the past decade. What are people looking for and what can be done better? Lucky8 is the end product of these questions.

Cresus Casino

When we started thinking about launching Cresus, we thought like a casino player. We have developed Cresus to offer quality customer service, on-time payment, and a large game selection offer. These are the commitments we make to our players. We are actively working to bring the best possible product to our players.

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